DIA Natural Gas Meter Bypass Systems

Do It American MFG Company is proud to offer our line of bypass systems. The three systems, BK-22, BK-33, and HTK, along with a multiple meter system and various other accessories provides a range of systems to select from that will reduce interruptions to your Natural Gas customers. The smallest system, the BK-22, weighs only 22 pounds and provides a capacity of 27 cubic feet of CNG for meter or regulator change outs or any other short duration maintenance operation. When the BK-22 is combined with the optional collapsible dolly, the flexibility and ease of use will enhance the service technician’s productivity and safety. Moving up in size to the BK 33 increases bypass capacity to over 40 cubic feet in a very simple, mobile package capable of carrying a meter and all the tools needed for the job. The Patented HTK, with its 182 cubic foot capacity, is suited for larger and longer duration jobs. The flexibility and safety features of the HTK system provide the service technician with the time to get the job done and the ability to get into tight spaces. The Multi Meter Bypass System (MMB) accessory for the HTK allows the simultaneous bypass of up to six meters in a multi-unit dwelling. If you are using traditional bag and probe bypass system we offer a complete line of these components for use with any of the Do It American bypass systems. For more detailed information please explore and download the brochures for each of these products by clicking the links below.

The BK-22 Bypass System, manufactured by Do It American MFG Company, is a compact, lightweight system designed with short duration maintenance and repair jobs in mind.

The Do It American Hot Tanking System has been developed to provide a temporary gas supply during system maintenance, repairs, and upgrades.

The BK-33 Bypass System from Do It American MFG Company, is a small but rugged system designed for rapid bypassing of Natural Gas services.

The Do It American “Multi-Meter Bypass System” or MMB, when used in conjunction with our HT Bypass System, allows the simultaneous bypass of up to six meters in a multi-unit dwelling.

DIA's NoMoFlo Leak Detection Kit

The NoMoFlo (NMF) kit provides a quick, efficient, and sensitive alternative to the traditional meter clock test.  This robust device makes use of the proven gas flow measurement technology to detect smaller leaks in less time than previously possible.  This device is especially beneficial with meters that have been converted to incorporate automated meter reading modules.  The simple and easy to use kit increases customer satisfaction (less call backs) and makes more efficient use of your gas service technicians.

Meter Protection

Do It American manufactures a growing range of products for the protection of gas utility infrastructure.  These products include bollards and guard rails, and is soon to include modular corals.  All products are fabricated, robotically welded and protected from corrosion by a durable polyester powder coating.

Do It American MFG Company manufactures a range of bollards or guard posts for gas system infrastructure protection. Bollards can be fabricated from 2″ to 6″ pipe and can be configured to meet your specific needs. We currently produce this seemingly simple product for many major Public Utilities and Contractors. There is a difference between a piece of pipe that has been cut to length and painted, and a properly prepared Bollard. Each bollard made at DIA is fabricated from either ASTM A53 Pipe or ASTM A500 structural tubing. The A500 is a slightly more expensive material but it has superior strength when compared to A53. We have this material run especially for us at a U.S. mill.

All of our bollards are coated with environmentally friendly powder coating and can be purchased primed or with a top coat typically, yellow, gray, or white. For extra durability, we also offer a dual-coat post. Many of our customers also opt for one, two, or three bands of reflective tape for improved visibility of the bollard. You’ll also find that our packaging strategy makes our bollard safer and easier to unpack and handle. Please give us a call to discuss your needs. We are confident that we can find a configuration that works best for you.

We offer our standard Guard Rails in two vertical lengths. Please see diagram for dimensional details.  These rails are fabricated from Sch40 pipe and include a 16 GA metal cap on each vertical post.  Grey, yellow, or primed polyester powder-coat finished are available for these rails.
Please let us know if there is another configuration you are interested in.  We are constantly expanding our product offerings.

Stakes and Support Brackets

Do It American MFG Company has an expanding offering of stakes and brackets.  The images on this page will give you some idea of what we currently manufacture.  All are fabricated, robotically welded, and powder coated for  maximum durability.

Utility Tools

Do It American Manufacturing manufactures many tools and devices used by natural gas utilities and electric utilities and their contractors to improve their systems and make work easier and safer for the field technician.  Presented here are examples of some these products to give you an idea of the kinds of tools and devices we can provide.  We are constantly adding more products to our offering.  Many of our tools are very specialized and have been developed out of the specific requirements of a specific utility.  Please contact Do It American to discuss our complete offering and your needs.

When the service technician must close or open a valve behind an oven, drier, or other obstructed location he must often devise his own creative way to reach the valve. The Inaccessible Valve Wrench makes this an easy job.  Constructed with non-conducting fiberglass shafts and multiple surfaces to pushing, pulling, and turning valve actuators the wrench can make quick work of any hidden valve.  The wrench also breaks down into two parts for easy stowage.

When servicing a meter where an earthquake valve has been installed, there is a risk of inadvertently causing the earthquake valve to close.  The “Trip-Guard” is used to lock the earthquake valve in the open position and avoid accidentally shutting off the gas service.  Available in two sizes to work with Little Firefighter & Koso brand valves in 3/4″ and 1″ sizes.

The Below Ground Valve Barrier has an expanding mechanism that can be secured inside a steel or concrete valve sleeve.  Once expanded the round plate can be placed and a security lock added to prevent valve actuation by unauthorized personnel.

Do It American offers a line of simple chain and lock type valve actuator security device.  Please inquire about our specific offering.


To keep your bypass systems in optimal working order, Do It American offers a Refurbishment/Exchange program that can be set up to meet your specific needs.  Please contact Do It American to discuss a plan that works best for you.