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DIA is a full service manufacturer with capabilities in assembly, fabrication, machining,...

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We take pride in our close relationships & partnerships with various public utilities.

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Why Do It American?

Do It American MFG Company now serves some of the largest public utilities in the United States and has several large OEM customers in diverse markets such as physical fitness, aftermarket automotive, packaging, retail display, CNG, gardening tools, and other markets. Our processes include CNC machining, metal fabrication, welding, assembly, and many others. We invite you to explore all the pages of our website and please contact us if you have any questions.


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Our Capabilities

At Do It American, we believe that making high quality cost-effective product is very important; however, providing that product when the customer wants it, in the right quantity for the customer, and in a way that best supports the customer’s processes is a major factor in being a good supplier and partner.



When you consider manufacturing in the United States, it is commonly believed that the last process you would perform here is assembly. The labor cost in the U.S. is high; therefore, we cannot compete with low wage regions of the world. Often the solution to this labor cost disadvantage is to deploy complex, inflexible, and expensive automated systems to replace these manual processes. We believe that this “traditional thinking” is wrong!


Do It American has the capability to make simple to complex fabrications to meet your requirements. Whether you have a fully developed design or you would like us to help bring your concept to manufacturability, we can help. We work with low carbon steel, special alloy carbon steels, stainless steel, and aluminum using a variety of forming, cutting, and welding processes. MIG, TIG, & Stick Welding, and Plasma cutting are all within our capability.


CNC Machining is a large and growing part of what we do at Do It American MFG Company. Our American Made CNC Machining Centers give us the ability to produce parts of various levels of complexity out of a wide range of materials. Low carbon steels, stainless steels, plastics, aluminum alloys, copper alloys, and exotic alloys are all within our machining capability.


Many of the products that Do It American produces are the result of joint design efforts between Do It American and our customers. Personnel at Do It American have decades of Engineering and Manufacturing experience that give us the ability to evaluate products for manufacturability.


We can customize our fulfillment process to best meet your needs and make the connection between your company and Do It American as close and as smooth as possible.

About Our Company

Do It American Manufacturing Company was started in 2008 at a time when the U.S. economy was in one of the worst downturns it had seen in a long time. The belief was that even in bad economic times, you can build a good manufacturing company if you do things the right way.

Our Journey

Over the first few years of the Do It American journey we have come to realize four core values that summarize what is most important to the success of our team:

  1. Continuous improvement in all areas. “Everything is temporary.”
  2. Always make decisions with the long term perspective.
  3. We can manufacture cost effectively in the US.
  4. We do not have customers or suppliers, we have partners.

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Our Purpose

Do It American is founded in the belief that manufacturing can and should be done right here in the United States. We believe that as a nation we have underestimated the importance of manufacturing to the US economy and our security. Nothing can do more to elevate our nation’s standard of living than good, productive, manufacturing jobs.

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What's New

Our goal is continuous improvement in everything we do. Here are some of the new things that we are working on.

Our New Welding Robots

Introducing our new welding robots.  Adding to our efficiency and capabilities.

CNC Machining

Check out our CNC machining capabilities using American made Haas technology!

Manufacturing Summit Award

2018 Recipient of E=mc2 Innovation Award in Manufacturing.  Thanks to MCIE for recognizing Do It American Mfg. for Human Capital and Talent Innovation.  It’s all about team work and a motivating culture with our partners in mind.

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