The BK-22 Bypass System, manufactured by Do It American MFG Company, is a compact, lightweight system designed with short duration maintenance and repair jobs in mind. The system can be adapted to work with a variety of bypass methodologies. This tool will give the technician the ability to provide a non-interrupted supply of natural gas during quick change out procedures. The optional BK-22 Collapsible Dolly enhances the system by providing a means for easy and safe transportation of the BK-22, along with tools, parts, and even a meter, from vehicle to the field, and back to the vehicle. The BK-22 is designed for the safety and convenience of the technician and for the satisfaction of the Natural Gas Customer.

Technical Specifications

  • Standard aluminum bottle capacity is 27.2 cubic foot at 2216 PSIG. Bottle weight = 8.6 pounds.
  • Weight of box with bottle and regulation system is 26 pounds.
  • Advanced regulator used in system incorporating integral pressure relief valve for added safety.
  • High strength steel fabricated carrying box protects regulation system.
  • Carrying box designed for use with accessory folding cart for easy transport to meter.
  • Tubular steel construction for light weight and high strength.
  • System designed to protect all gauges and other components from damage while remaining visible to operator.
  • System is adaptable for use with various bypass methods.
  • Available space in box for storage of parts, tools, & accessories.
  • Powder coated OSHA Safety Orange for high visibility.
Optional Collapsible Dolly
  • Lightweight dolly folds flat for compact storage.
  • Extended folding flap on cart provides convenient means to carry a meter to and from gas service.
  • Tubular steel construction for light weight, high strength, and durability.
  • Total weight of cart is 18 pounds.