Inception 2008

Humble Beginning


1st parts shipped 2009-2010

1st Building - May 2010

1st CNC Machine tools

1st CNC machine tools-place holder for now

1st contract with a major utility


DIA featured as a Success Story, SoCalGas annual report 2012

BK product line developed 2013-2014

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Nominated for supplier of the year award (SoCalGas 2014))

Moved to new bldg 2014-please crop

Moved to a new building 2014

1st major reshoring of a product back to USA

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1st Robotic welding cell

Our Purpose

Do It American is founded in the belief that manufacturing can and should be done right here in the United States. We believe that as a nation we have underestimated the importance of manufacturing to the US economy and our security. Nothing can do more to elevate our nation’s standard of living than good, productive, manufacturing jobs.

Do It American MFG Company, LLC was founded with the following three reasons for action:

   1) Advance American Manufacturing –Employment, Teaching, Good Example.
   2) Create Meaningful Jobs – Satisfaction, Enthusiasm for Work, Purpose
   3) Meet Customer’s Needs – Lowest Total Cost, Quality, Short Lead Time

Following the prevailing paradigm that manufacturing is best done far away in the low wage regions will not result in the lowest cost to obtain goods. Do It American is committed to providing a clear demonstration that it is best to bring manufacturing back home to the United States where it belongs. We know it can be done because we have done it.


Seco Industries - “A Reshoring Success Story”

Seco Industries is a manufacturer of a variety of packaging products. Along with packaging materials, Seco offers a line of high quality vacuum sealing machines. The company approached Do It American in hopes of finding a more responsive source for the structural components and small machined parts used in its domestically produced machines. Do It American was able to supply all of these parts with shorter lead times, better quality, smaller minimum order quantities, and at the same or lower price than the former supplier. In addition to facilitating these improvements to Seco Gramatech’s supply chain, Do It American was able to support the customer’s need to make several revisions to parts to further improve Seco’s assembly process.

Further simplification was made to supply chain with creation of machine parts kits. Do It American maintains a small inventory of each parts. The size of this inventory is kept small because of our ability to produce in small lot sizes. Parts are then kitted by model and are supplied to Seco, on demand, with a single “Kit” part number. Rather than having to order and maintain inventory for each individual part, Seco’s buyer simply orders a kit…..Do It American takes care of the rest. The order quantity is one kit and the lead time is usually same day or next day. What would be easier – order a single kit for each machine as needed, or order and maintain inventories of 15 to 25 different parts for each machine that you make?

With all these improvements, Seco began to wonder, what was the advantage to purchasing its highest volume machine, already assembled, from overseas? Lead time was very long, lot sizes were very large, and inspections were necessary to maintain Seco Industry’s very high quality standards. Seco was able to work with Do It American and its domestic electronics supplier to reshore this product. These machines are now assemble in the USA by Seco Industries, using domestic parts supplied by Do It American at a lower cost, better quality, and much improved responsiveness.

We are proud to be a part of bringing this manufacturing back to the US.