The BK-33 Bypass System from Do It American MFG Company, is a small but rugged system designed for rapid bypassing of Natural Gas services. While this system can be used for a number of repairs and maintenance, it is primarily designed with meter change outs in mind. The larger capacity of the BK-33’s gas cylinder provides 50% more capacity than the BK-22 while still maintaining a compact size. The system can be adapted to work with various bypass methods. This system provides benefits to both the Customer and the Technician. From the Natural Gas Customer’s perspective, the work was completed without any inconvenience to their daily lives. From the technician’s perspective, the job was completed quickly and safely.

Technical Specifications

  • Standard aluminum bottle capacity is 40.1 cubic foot at 2216 PSIG. Bottle weight = 14.4 pounds.
  • Weight of box with bottle and regulation system is 43 pounds.
  • Advanced regulator used in system incorporating integral pressure relief valve for added safety.
  • High strength steel construction for years of service.
  • Cart designed with folding flap for convenient transport of a meter to and from gas service.
  • System designed to protect all gauges and other components from damage while remaining visible to operator.
  • Available space in box for storage of parts, tools, & accessories.
  • System is adaptable for use with various bypass methods.Powder coated OSHA Safety Orange for high visibility.