The Do It American Hot Tanking System has been developed to provide a temporary gas supply during system maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. For utilities and contractors striving to reduce the cost of relights and to improve the satisfaction of their natural gas consumers, this Patent Pending device is the answer. It meets the need for a portable, temporary gas supply that can be deployed on the customer’s premises without the intrusiveness of CNG trailers, but with more capacity than the small quick change systems currently available. The many unique features of this Hot Tanking System make it a safe, flexible system that will save you time and money.

Technical Specifications

  • 28 hours uninterrupted gas supply based on average pilot load of 6 cubic foot hour.
  • Standard aluminum bottle capacity is 182 cubic foot at 2015 PSIG. Bottle weight = 50 pounds.
  • Weight of system is 85 pounds without bottle.
  • Regulation apparatus contained in protective, lockable cage.
  • Detachable cage and regulation system can be removed from cart as a unit for deployment in tight spaces.
  • Designed for branch services, with two outlets to bypass two meters simultaneously.
  • Lifting eye and sliding skids for easy transport to job site.
  • Grounding spike to dissipate static electricity.
  • Tubular steel construction for light weight and high strength.
  • Tamper resistant, lockable cylinder valve cap included with each system.
  • Gages and valves accessible in deployed position.
  • Large diameter wheels for easy mobility over difficult terrain.
  • Pressure relief valve for over-pressure protection.
  • System is adaptable for use with various bypass methods.
  • Powder coated OSHA Safety Orange for high visibility.